Ewe The People
from: the piece Hateful Ignorance by The Ever Present iT!

what difference does it make?!?
the history of evil you foresake
government devils tongue like a snake
EWE the People
need to awake!

stop the political chatter
you're mad as a hatter
open your eyes
lives have been shattered
can you see
or doesn't it matter???

God made EWE Free
Evil Men Enslave EWE
EWE don't fight
EWE march

its not the white people on the street
its the Red White & Blue People in a Seat
A Nation of Hate with LAWS outside the Rule of Law.
If Black people were Free, there would be no need for them to Keep Marching
So Keep Marching Everybody! ~ BHO

btw.....Picket signs don't stop Freedom Terrorists

The Sheep have been deceived and led astray

A public service message from The Ever Present iT!
(at NO COST to the Taxpayers)

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